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Airlock – Travels LP Available on iTunes


My personal favorite off the Travels LP, now available oniTunes.

Airlock by djslouch


Daniel Merrill of Aligning Minds Reviews the ‘Travels’ and ‘Labor’ Releases

From 88 DC's Music Blog

"Some of you following this blog and running in the circles of 88 may know our fine friend Dj Slouch- turntablist, producer, and beat selektor with a refined taste in all that is low slung, spaced out, jazzfunk beat collage. Slouch is hardly the name for him, as he’s been more than hard at work in recent months, and is well due for an update on his most recent achievements.

First, he comes at us with his ‘Travels’ EP- which is a compilation of ‘rarities and re-releases’ of tunes that never made it to see the light of day, due to record label politics and conflicts….a shame but I suppose things happen for a reason, and these tracks seem to have found a proper home with each other on this release.

On the whole I feel that all of the tracks presented here- are variations on a particular vision, drawing from a focal point of common influence and tastes in samples. Oh, how I’d love to hear the original records from which these samples are drawn, to be able to compare source and result, if only to get a better understanding of the obviously huge amount of dedication that’s invested in their manipulation. (more...)


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